Cui Jinzhe

Many thanks to : Saskatchewan Arts Board/ the Government of Saskatchewan/ City of Saskatoon/ Hemera Foundation/ Access Copyright Foundation/ Edmonton Arts Council/ Zen Mountain Monastery/ Mactarggart Collection/ Metropolitan Museum of Art/ and everyone like you who have made my various projects possible.

Dear friends,

My name is Cui Jin-zhe. I was born and raised in Dalian, China. I have been living in Canada since 2009. My intention of art practice is to co - create a higher vibration world with all beings. I focus on practicing art reflecting the experience or realization of my spiritual practice through daily rituals and everyday-life experience. Most of my projects are drawings, drawing-based installation and public actions.

In 2017, I am touring an innovative live art project - 100 Immortals into diverse communities, public space and artistic venues in Canada, United States and China. This tour is possible because of the abundant support from Culture on the Go Tour Program funded by the Government of Saskatchewan and administered by the saskatchewan Arts Board.

Through touring 100 Immortals, I aim to examine communities’ and individual’ s reaction to the self – realization through artistic interaction, and to create art as a practice to manifest mindfulness and awareness into the world we live in.

If you are interested in bring this program into your community, please contact me. I am very happy to share this project with you : )

With love,


2017. 1.13 10:56am in studio