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100 Immortals
100 Immortals
video compilation of 100 original ink drawings, a projector and projective space, 100 meditation seats
adjusted to the space

‘100 Immortals’ is a metaphor of each individual’s different physiognomy – the nature of who they are as complete and perfect individuals.

My goal is offering a space to inspire people to be present and fully aware at ‘this moment,' to be just themselves while sitting on putuan (sewn meditation seat) in a space that presents flowing images of '100 Immortals' as a focus both outward and inward. The installation creates an environment that can contain one or many individuals in complete harmony.

The 100 Immortals are created with ink and pen on the long scroll rice paper. I develop these images into a video loop with each Immortal displayed at 15-minute intervals with a gradual transition as the image segues into the next. 100 Immortals that I draw on the long scroll are inspired from the presence I feel during my routine Zen practice every day. Each immortal also reflects one kind of spiritual realm.