Cui Jinzhe

Image: Heng Gu Shen Yun – Luo Xiang (the hometown of Luo Shen), Scroll 1 detail, 2020, ink on paper.

New Exhibition
Curated by Wendy Peart, Curator of Education and Community Outreach

Cui Jinzhe’s work: My Love for You Lingers On was inspired by an ancient Chinese poem The Nymph of the Luo River, written by famous poet Cao Zhi, who lived between 192-232 CE. Cui intricately and tenderly traces this story of a man who falls in love with a water nymph, which follows a familiar narrative arc of an unfulfilled love story. Combining elements of traditional Chinese art with pop culture visual styles, Cui weaves a complex and beautiful mesh, connecting time and culture through the common human experience of love and longing.

Date Thursday, September 17, 2020 10:00 a.m. - Friday, November 13, 2020 6:00 p.m.
Location Dunlop Art Gallery, Sherwood Gallery, Regina Public Library, 6121 Rochdale Boulevard, Regina, SK, Canada

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Artist Bio: Cui Jinzhe (b.1982) is a multidisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. Her innovative, community charged pieces rang from works on paper and canvas, installations to public art, which incorporate drawing, painting and multi - medium practice. Cui was born in Dalian, China, and studied visual communication at School of Arts Design, Dalian University of Foreign Languages and Mix-media at the School of Art & Design, Dalian Polytechnic University. Cui creates conceptual - specific large dimension drawings are both visually arresting and rife with symbolism. In 2008, she came to Canada where her work has focused on self-enlightenment, community intervention and cultural integration.

Recent Projects: Figure 1,2,3,6,8 is a community engagement art practice showcasing the history and cultural impacts of Edmonton's ever-changing Chinatown. This project conducts a research study around Chinatown life utilizing local heritage experts, community advocates, and artists to produce five figures of artwork through 2017 - 2019. The project develops through three phases and produces a collective of four Chinese ink paintings and one documentary film. Figure 1, Figure2, Figure3 represent pivotal eras 1890s, 1960s and 1980s in Chinatown' s history and one (Figure 6) capturing today' s current situation by giving the artist a studio residence in Chinatown. The documentary film (Figure 8) complements the paintings by revealing the process of research and art interpretation, while also allowing community members to share their stories and thoughts about Chinatown. The goal of the artwork is to preserve and share Chinese heritage & immigration stories, reflect on how communities utilize space, and promote dialogue around Chinatown' s developing future.

Past Projects: In 2016, Jinzhe's experimental drawing - based project 100 Immortals was awarded Culture on the Go Toured Program by the Government of Saskatchewan. Jinzhe toured 100 Immortals into 17 communities including public space, art context and nature landscape cross Canada and USA. In 2015, Cui successfully launched the Public Art Project titled "66 Physiognomies" which was awarded the Creative Canada Network 2017 in review showcase. 66 Physiognomies was commissioned by City of Saskatoon celebrating 20th Anniversary of Placemaker Project. It used a multi-art approach to examine a new possibility in public art: to infuse the experience of everyday life with awareness by both re-envisioning the external environment and fostering a contemplative practice.

Many thanks to Canada Council for the Arts, Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton Heritage Council, Access Copyright Foundation, Saskatchewan Arts Board, Government of Saskatchewan, City of Saskatoon, Hemera Foundation, Zen Mountain Monastery, Mactarggart Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and everyone like you who have made Jinzhe' s various projects possible.