Jinzhe Qiushi    金哲秋拾

One Thousand Fairy Tales

Published in March 2024
Limited Edition of 100
ISBN 978-1-7382537-0-8

An artist book composed by a new series of paintings & fairy tales to tell what Jinzhe discovers during her morning walks along the Edmonton River Valley.

Ink calligraphy and painting on traditional Chinese folded album with digitally printed leaves of English Version.
Dimension: 8 x 32 cm

Funded by Major Artist-Driven Projects of Edmonton Arts Council


Dear friends,

The Dragon Folks and Mr.Pei' s Mushroom Soup from my new released artist book One Thousand Fairy Tales will be lively performed by a group of local musicians, narrators and artists for Thousand Faces Festival this July and for the Chinatown Care Package Series this August. Welcome to join me with these new and experimental performances.

Also, the community based installation - Home that I have been collaborating with Garneau School was released at the south-west side of the school fence on April 24th for its centennial celebration. The installations had been flipped sides and reinstalled to experiment the diverse integration with the fence and playground space. Come to enjoy a summer walk around the Garneau School neighborhood! And enjoy the installations, the community gardens and the art vibes!

Artist Bio:

Cui Jinzhe, pen name Qiu Shi, painter, multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes drawing, painting, calligraphy, artist books, public art, and interdisciplinary practice. Jinzhe was born and raised in Dalian, China. She was obsessed with painting & drawing since her childhood. In 2008, Jinzhe came to Canada where her work has been focusing on self - enlightenment, community intervention and cultural integration.

A yearning for ancient heritage as well as the imagination for future, Jinzhe’s art practice, everyday life, and inner aspiration are realized and challenged. Her practice often developed from traditional Chinese art, then expressed in contemporary language and her individual visual styles. She is interested in examining the traditional ink elements of black and white with skillfully rendered images and diverse, decorative elements: details from Buddhist symbols, characters in the ancient myth legend and Chinese auspicious patterns which are built and disassembled within the abstracted, accidental landscapes of ink blots and spills. She aims to create art weaving a genuine, creative, and boundless world, connecting time, space, creatures, and culture through the common and unique human experience of love, loneliness, curiosity, suffering, longing, and awakening.

Jinzhe’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her art has been collected by Hemera Foundation, Xucun Art Museum, Edmonton Arts Council, City of Saskatoon, Wuyang Folk Painting Commune, Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists, Dalian Polytechnic University, Edmonton Chinatown Chinese Library, and numerous private collectors from Canada, USA, and China.

Deep thanks to Canada Council for the Arts, Edmonton Arts Council, City of Edmonton, Edmonton Heritage Council, Saskatchewan Arts Board, Government of Saskatchewan, City of Saskatoon, Access Copyright Foundation, Hemera Foundation, Zen Mountain Monastery, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Mactarggart Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and everyone like you who have made Jinzhe' s various projects possible and be seen.