Cui Jinzhe 崔金哲

The 36 Days I Roam / 我的三十六天漫游

A Limited Edition of Artist Book Created by Cui Jinzhe / 崔 金 哲
A Long Poem Written in Chinese and English with A New Series of Paintings
Inspired by the Artist’ s Meditations and Travel

Project Documentary Video
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艺术家介绍 / Artist Bio:

崔金哲, 笔名秋拾, 丘山, 画家, 多学科艺术家。中国大连出生长大, 自幼迷恋绘画, 毕业于大连第十五美术中学,大连外国语学院国际艺术学院视觉传达专业, 和大连工业大学艺术学院硕士混合媒体专业。
Cui Jinzhe, pen name Qiu Shi, Qiu Shan, painter, multidisciplinary artist. She was obsessed with painting & drawing since her childhood. Jinzhe was born and raised in Dalian, China, where she studied painting at No. 15 Art Middle & High school, visual communication for BA and mix-medium for MA at School of Arts Design from Dalian University of Foreign Languages and Dalian Polytechnic University.

金哲的创作主要专注以下三个方向:一. 对当下日常生活和周围环境观察和觉知, 进而由内在遐思和想象引发创作的视觉意象和文本。二. 基于中国古典文学, 融合对个人当下生命的感知和体验, 创作古风传统与当代意境结合交汇的图象绘画。三. 通过实验以绘画为起点, 与多元学科的互动融合, 衍生新的创作过程和艺术体验。
Jinzhe's creation mainly focuses on the following three directions: First, to observe and reflect on the current daily life and surroundings, and then create visual images and texts inspired by the inner reverie and imagination generated by her solitude and observation. Two, based on Chinese classical literature, integrate the perception and experience of her individual's current life, and create paintings that combine ancient traditions and contemporary imagery. Third, starting from painting, through experimentation and the interaction with multiple disciplines, to derive a new creative process and artistic experience.

2008年底, 金哲旅居加拿大, 在埃德蒙顿开启职业艺术家生涯。目前, 由加拿大国家艺术基金会和埃德蒙顿市艺术基金会支持, 金哲正在创作三本以中国古书形制 - 手卷 / 折页 / 册页为蓝本的系列艺术家手作书籍, 和以清晨河谷散步的体验为灵感而创作的系列童话写作和绘画。
At the end of 2008, Jinzhe moved to Canada and started her professional career as an independent artist in Edmonton. Currently, with the support of Canada Council for the Arts and Edmonton Arts Council, Jinzhe is creating a series of handmade artist books based on three ancient Chinese book format hand scroll / folding album / album sheet, as well as a series of fairy tale writing and painting inspired from her daily walking experience in the River Valley of Edmonton.

Deep thanks to Canada Council for the Arts, Edmonton Arts Council, City of Edmonton, Edmonton Heritage Council, Saskatchewan Arts Board, Government of Saskatchewan, City of Saskatoon, Access Copyright Foundation, Hemera Foundation, Zen Mountain Monastery, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Mactarggart Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and everyone like you who have made Jinzhe' s various projects possible and be seen.