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Community Based Drawing Practice
Community Based Drawing Practice
the process of artist interaction with placemaker artworks and the ink scroll drawing inspired from this experience

A selected public art project by the Public Art Advisory Committee of Saskatoon for Placemaker's 20th Anniversary Open Call in 2015.

66 Physiognomies uses a multi art approach to bring to the public a fresh perspective on the Placemaker Program's history and relevance to contemporary audiences and artists alike. By creating visual and experiential documentation of the 66 Physiognomies, this project infuses the experience of everyday life with awareness of the artworks in their public environment, fostering a contemplative practice among artists and audiences. Through the artistic context of encounter, documentation, interpretation using video, reflections the interactive process by ink and pen Chinese scroll drawings, this work enacts the public art experience of the Placemaker Program. In doing so it reinforces Saskatoon's reputation as a leading city in public art, reflecting the diverse physiognomies of place through its people, culture and topography. 66 Physiognomies also aims to bring the participants in contact with the experience of true communication which is possible by viewing, sharing silent presence, and entering the dynamic of being together in the present moment.

The whole project is constructed by 10 Elements:
1. Researches on Saskatoon's geographical, civilization, contemplative history
2. Interaction with Placemaker artists
3. Contemplation with Placemaker artworks
4. An ink rendering long scroll drawing
5. A series of artist cards
6. A video projection - A Story My Granny Told Me
7. 80 pairs of hand crafted meditation cushions
8. Six experimental public actions in Saskatoon. The components are video contemplation, writing station and free artist cards distribution
9. An Artist Book
10. A tour exhibition of the scroll drawing in Saskatoon